Emanuel Alejandro Cifuentes, Viscosity North America

Started at 16 as a software developer in one of Guatemala's largest banks. This gave me a good sense of concepts like security, privacy, reliability, robustness and high availability. Having started in Enterprise taught how to overcome the challenges inside big organizations. A few years after that, fresh out of college, I moved to Guatemala's growing startup scene. I was put in charge of the mobile app development team. We developed a geolocation app with thousands of users in the first three months after released. Eventually the police force would give a smartphone to every agent and monitor their activity using that same app. About 5 yeas ago I start doing consulting for Viscosity North America, a Dallas based company specialized in Oracle technologies. I travelled to dozens of cities in the US working on migrations to the cloud, database optimizations, desktop to web conversions and anything Oracle related. In my free time I enjoy being an amateur photographer with my recently found love for film and analog cameras.