Jennifer Hanks, Key Performance Ideas

Jennifer Hanks has been a finance/accounting and IT professional for 18 years. She has spent the past 13 years working with financial systems, including the Hyperion suite of tools (on-premise and cloud based) and an ERP system. Jennifer has worked on the functional side, partnering with the finance and accounting teams on requirements, as well as the technical side of the execution. She has been an integral part of implementations and upgrades. 

In her previous roles as an administrator, Jennifer has supported approximately 20 active production cubes with a population of about 225 users. In her tenure, she has developed more than 15 cubes and 40 reports, which are used on a weekly and monthly basis. She has focused on automation and the elimination of manual and repetitive tasks.

Jennifer brings a unique perspective and understanding to the business side of requirements, technical data sources, and flows. She understands how to bring all the pieces together to provide an efficient, targeted solution. She has a BS in business and an MBA.